Between the Blade and the Heart

Between the Blade and the Heart - Amanda Hocking Malin and her mom Marlow are Valkyries. Their job is to kill immortals that have been chosen to die. Valkyries don’t give any thought to the fact of if they are doing what is right taking another life. They are just full filling orders given to them by the gods from generation to generation.

Malin was raised by a mother that was very cold and always told her that Valkyries couldn’t love and never showed Malin any love or warmth growing up. Marlow was also Malin’s mentor training her to be a Valkyrie.

Malin learns that her mother allowed one of her marks to live which put the world in chaos and started it on a downhill collision. In order to try and save the world from being destroyed Malin with the help of a few friends has set a course to finding the person that her mother failed to kill and end his life sending to him to the underworld where he belongs.

Malin’s little group of friends consist of her best friend Oona whom she has been friends with since grade school who probably knows her better than anyone. Oona is a Sorceress. Oona is better at casting spells than Malin. Malin sweet talks Oona into doing her spell work for her.

Then we have the mortal Asher who is also the son of a Valkyrie who like Malin is out for revenge against this immortal so therefore he wants to be in on the hunt for this guy. Malin and Asher strike up a relationship of sorts. Malin really cares for Asher but has a hard time with her feelings because her mother told her that she wasn’t capable of loving.

Next on the list is Quinn also a Valkyrie and Malin’s ex-girlfriend. Malin cares for Quinn but different than she cares for Asher. Asher wants to pull her into his arms and keep her safe. But Quinn wants to throw her against the wall and have her way with her. Malin needs or wants both things but can she have both Quinn and Asher?

Between the Blade and the Heart is filled with lots and lots for action and myths, monsters and very powerful gods. Amanda Hocking is a brilliant author who knows how to spin a story that will keep you turning the pages. Come join Malin, Oona, Asher and Quinn on their journey to save the world from the monsters.