Hinder: A Bender's Novel

Hinder: A Bender's Novel - Kristin Ping Ethan Sutcliff is a Bender. A Bender is some who can control witches powers, bend them and make them do what they want. Benders are witches guardians; they watch over them and keep them safe. Ethan has not been able to use his powers since he was fifteen years old. If he wants to use his powers again he must find his Wielder.

Alex Burgendorf is the last Earth Wielder who has been in hiding for the last sixteen years with her mother and father. Alex must find her Bender before it is too late. She has no idea who her Bender is or how she is going to find him but she is sure she will know him when she comes in contact with him.

I love the world the author has created in Hinder. I love the Benders who can bind the witches’ powers. Benders who can bind an Earth Wielder, Fire Wielder, Air Wielder and Water Wilder’s powers to their will. This has been an epic journey one in which I have enjoyed tremendously and hope to see more of these amazing characters or maybe even more of Fire, Air and Water Wielders.