Fire War 11: Treason

Fire War 11: Treason - Michael T. Murray Jackson oldest daughter Maya has been taken by the government for rehabilitation for having propaganda in her procession. Jackson wants to get his daughter back so he turns to the only people he knows that can help him and that is the Apocolyte a rebel group that is trying to over throw the government and bring out the truth in order to take back their country and save the people.

The Apocolyte have agreed to help Jackson but in turn he must do a favor for them. It is like you scratch my back and I will scratch your back kind of thing so of course Jackson agrees. After his daughter was taken away it caused Jackson to open his eyes more to really be able to see what the president is doing. With his position at the White House as the president’s top security guy Jackson has access to a lot of information that could help the Apocolyte.

Jackson must now decide which side he wants to play on. Which side does Jackson believe in? Does he think that the president is doing the best thing for the country? Is the president the good guy or the bad guy? Is the Apocolyte the good people or the bad people? Whose team does Jackson want to play on?

Fire War II: Treason has been a fast read it will grab your attention with the first word and will hang on right up to the last word and leaving you wanting more. This has been an awesome journey one in which I can’t wait to follow more of in the next book Fire War III: Uprising.