FLOOR 21 - Jason Luthor I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Jackie is a seventeen year old girl who lives in this apartment building whom everyone calls the tower. She has lived in this building her whole life and has never been outside of the tower and as far as she knows nor has anyone else. Jackie is very inquisitive and likes to ask a lot of questions. She is not the type of person who just sits back and accepts whatever she is told. She has to know who, why, how and what? Jackie is very curious about what is on the outside and if there is more people out there somewhere.

Jackie is on a mission to find out all that she can about what is on and or below floor 21. No one is really allowed to go to floor 21 or below. There is this stuff that they call the Creep that is very active on floor 21. The Creep is a gooey guck muscle flesh type of stuff in small quantities can make you hallucinate but in large quantities can kill you.

Jackie lives on the floor 4 with her parents who work on the floor 1 which is the top floor of the tower. Only a very few select number of people are allowed on floor 1 or have ever been there. Anyone who has ever been on floor 1 is not supposed to ever talk about what goes on up there. Of course Jackie being the person that she is keeps her little brain working all the time trying to figure out a way to get up there and to also find a way to go to the lower floors as well. She just has to know what is on the lower floors and wants so badly to be on one of the scavenger’s teams so that she can go on one of their expeditions where they go to the lower floors looking for supplies like food, clothes, technology stuff or whatever they can find that could be of use to the people.

Jackie is always asking questions and almost gets herself in a lot of trouble but somehow she manages to just slide right under the radar without quite breaking the rules. Unlike some of her friends who goes too far sometimes and is taken away for Reinforcement and comes back a different person. They act like they no longer have any feelings. Sort of like a zombie. No one who goes in for Reinforcement talks about it when they come out and it probably not because little miss Jackie doesn’t ask because I just bet she certainly does.

Our little miss Jackie has a very open mind with a big hard drive and wants to fill it up with anything she can. Which just means to she likes to learn things and wants to find out for her if what she has been told is the truth and why she can’t go outside. And why when she looks off the top of the tower down to the ground all she sees is darkness. What is in the darkness? What is the darkness? Why has no one ever been outside before? Why can they not go to the lower floors of the tower? Jackie is not one to sit around waiting on someone to tell her what she has to do or just believe everything she has been told without the proof of seeing it with her own eyes. I can’t wait for the next book because I am just like Jackie and I want to why too? I want to know what is below floor 21 and what is on the outside in the dark.

I just love the world the concept of Floor 21 and what maybe behind the reasoning of the hidden message in Floor 21. I love the way the author thinks and his mind works. I think that Jason Luthor may just be another Stephen King in the making. If you have not read Floor 21 then take my word for it you need too and today would be a great day to start so grab your copy today. You will not regret it. Floor 21 is a page turner that will keep you up at night.