Secrets - HK Savage I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

First let me say that I am so glad that Claire met Stephen and he knew about her ability right off and knew that she needed help and introduced her to James. With James Claire learned a lot. She not only learnt how to control her abilities she got to feel what it was like to have someone love you so much that they would give their life for each other. They would do anything and everything to save not only each other but the people that have become their family. Like the cats; Stephen, Troy, Tonya, Tara, as well as Henry a vampire and Heidi who is a human and one of Claire's best friends.

Claire is one tough chica and very bold as well as indenpendent. With all the danger and paranormal creatures that is always on the look out for her and wants her dead she still takes more chances than she should. She is going to live her life as close to normal as she possibly can. Claire has got herself into a lot of heavy major fights, some of them were her fault but not all. Of course she never asked nor wanted any of it but she had no choice. If she didn't sneak out away from James' sight once in awhile she might not have gotten herself in so many fights. But Claire is not going to just sit back and let someone else scare her.

Since Claire has become a vampire she has become stronger in so many different ways. Claire has kept a lot of her humanity when she was turned. She is learning and growing as a vampire a lot faster than most. I think that Claire's heart is what has helped her to become stronger faster. She still loves and cares for her human family and friends and will to what ever it takes to keep them alive. They are all fighting to keep the humans, vampires, cats, weres, witches and all species alive. They are trying to teach the world that everybody is the same and can live in the world together as one.

I am so very sad to see the Empath trilogy end. I want to know more about Stephen. What is his story? I know that Secrets is the last book but I am hoping that it is not. I think that Claire and James have a whole lot more to say. I also think that Troy, Heidi, Tonya and Henry all have their own stories to tell. And as I have read in other reviews being immortal means you live along time so therefore you have a lot of stories untold.

I think the Empath trilogy is the first books that I have read by H.K Savage but I don't think they will be the last. I know it won't if she decides to write more of Empath. I am definitiley going to check out more of her books. I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who loves a good book. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have. I know I have already said it somewhere but I am so sad to see the end of the Empath trilogy. Thanks H.K. for this amazing trilogy.