Bonded - HK Savage I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Now that Claire has met these people who have taken her under their wing sort of to speak and have taught her how to control her abilities she has become a better and happier person. Claire has grown so much since reading Empath. She has become so much stronger mentally as well. Once she learned how to control her abilities she was living in a new world a world where she could have friends and let people come into her heart; she learned to love and once she felt this feeling that was so new to her she fell hard for James who is a vampire. Not that she had never loved anyone before she couldn't feel her feelings for feeling everyone else's.

Claire is one strong woman with her abilities especially now that she knows how to control them. And with James as her mate together they are almost unbeatable. With their bond they can out smart just about anyone, human or vampire. Their love is very strong but on occasion James thinks that it is falling apart or that he is losing Claire. He doesn't know or believe that she loves him as much as she does or as much as he loves her. Both of them are always thinking that they are going to lose the other one. They are both so jealous that if another person just looks at one of them in what they think is an in appropriate way then they are ready to attack.

I love the relationship that the two of them have and the bond that they have. It would be so amazing if we as humans could have a relationship like theirs. You know I think in ways we do. Like in the way that some couples can and do finish each other's sentences or they can feel them and know if they are close by. May be some couples can feel what the other one is feeling. I think that may be some couples can feel each other's pain. If they love each other enough they can feel all of these things and may be more who knows right?

This has been one amazing series so far and I can't wait to finish the third book in the series Secrets. I have really and truly learned a lot from reading this trilogy. If you have not read the Empath trilogy yet then I suggest that you do and right away it is totally out of this world.