The Fourth Bride (The Blackstone Vampires Series, #4)

The Fourth Bride (The Blackstone Vampires Series, #4) - Carole Gill I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Dia was cursed by Dracula as a baby while her mother was killed. Rose and Louis Darton took Dia in at that time to love and raise her as their own. Rose and Louis had two children of their own Simon and Ada. Rose, Louis, Simon and Ada were all vampires with the exception of Louis being half-vampire/half-demon. As Dia grew into adulthood her brother and sister would never would. They will always remain children as they are vampires while Dia is not.

Dia met and fell in love with a nice young man by the name of Edward. While on their honeymoon poor Edward took sick and died. Dia was all alone until she was kidnapped by Dracula and taken to his castle to become his fourth bride, which she was destined to since she was cursed as a baby. Dracula had three other wives whom lived with him at the castle. They are sisters and were actually real sisters when they were turned. After taking Dia to his castle Dracula turned Dia into a vampire and she became his fourth bride. At first Dia was very upset and scared but eventually she learned not to be afraid of Dracula and she learned to love him in her own way. Dracula loved Dia very much or as much as he ever could with his dark and evil twisted heart.

The sisters were very jealous of Dia and did not like her at all but that was ok because Dia didn't like them either. She was just as jealous of them if not more so. So Dracula decided to take her away so just the two of them could be together so that it would be just the two of them and she wouldn't have to put up with the sisters.

Dia suffers through a lot of heartache and tortuous things. She is made do unspeakable things that she would never dream of ever doing. The Fourth Bride is filled with so much evil, mind numbing events that will leave you with your mouth hanging open. If you are easily given to nightmares then I suggest that you read The Fourth Bride with the lights on and under no circumstance read it alone. Well unless you are like me and you love reading scary, gory and bloody books. If I dreamed about The Fourth Bride and I woke up right in the middle of it I would be so upset. I would want to go back to sleep so I could finish my dream. I would probably be laughing when I woke up. Not because I don't have a heart or care about people and things I do very much but hey I love horror. I was born in the horror month and love it.

Have you read The Blackstone Vampires? If you have not then you do not know what you are missing. The Blackstone Vampires is one series you definitely need to check out! It is an amazing series! Carole Gill is an awesome author and knows how to scare the living daylights out of you. And to me that is one fantastic book and author!