Stormling (Stormling, #1)

Stormling (Stormling, #1) - John    Hennessy I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Anadyr is a Stormling and lives on Mordanna. Anadyr is the leader of his race the Stormlings. He has been the leader for thousands of years. Anadyr would like to some day pass his leadership on to his right hand man Jayden and then settle down with the love of his life but unfortunately he has not found the right time and is still waiting.

Anadyr has not been to Earth in five hundred years and hoped never to return or at least not under the same circumstances. But when a jewel from Mordana is lost and is found on Earth by teenager, Ophelia Drewe then he must return to find the jewel to not only save his own home Mordana but to save Earth as well.

When Ophelia finds the jewel she knows it is not from Earth and must be returned to its rightful owner but she has no idea how she is going to get it back to its owner until Anadyr shows up. Anadyr takes Ophelia and a couple of her friends to Mordana but when they get there they discover that they have lost Anadyr. But somehow Ophelia knows where they are and where she must go to find the owner of the jewel. Mordana is on the brink of war and the only thing that can save them is the jewel that Ophelia has.

The world of Mordanna has a lot of good characters as well as bad, evil characters too. I liked the characters from both Earth and Mordanna. Anadyr learnt from an early age to love and care for other people unlike some of his friends who cared more for themselves than others. Anadyr will always be the better leader because he cares for other people more than himself. He knows more of what the people need or want because he looks out for his people and he watches them and learns who they are so therefore he makes a better decissions or choices for their needs than someone who only thinks about themselves. He can probably keep his people alive better and longer.