Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts - Ash Krafton I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Sophie Galen is a great person with a heart as big as Texas. Sophie tries her best to save everyone she comes in contact with. Sophie has had some heart ache in her time and doesn't like to see other people hurt. Sophie works at a magazine as an advice columnist and is very good at what she does. People actually read her articles and follows her advice as well. Her best friend is a priest, Jared. Jared and Sophie have been best friends since high school. Whenever she needs a friend to talk to Jared is always there for her. Sophie has never had many friends or boyfriends because she didn't want to get hurt she has a few heart aches along life's journey. Not that she has not had a good life because she has she just has never exactly found "Mr. Right".

Sophie has a new guy come into her life and she is drawn to him right away. She knows and can feel what he is feeling. She knows when he is hurting or even if he is sad and miserable. This new guy Marek is so good looking and can charm a snake if he took a notion to just with his looks a lone. Marek is one hot tomalley. He will make your tongue slap your brains out. Marek has some problems of his own and all Sophie wants is to take away all of his hurt so he will feel it no more. She just wants to make him happy. And that is all Marek wants as well is to make Sophie happy as well and give her what her heart desires.

Marek cares about Sophie very, very much and never wants to hurt or cause her pain. But he is afraid that he will. Marek is a Demivampire and is afraid that he will lose himself to his dark side and eventually hurt her. But the love he feels for her is more powerful than his want to feed from her is. So he gives into his feelings and goes with it. For some people love only comes once in a lifetime and you have to take that chance and just hope that everything will work out for the best in the end.

I have truly enjoyed reading Bleeding Hearts. I loved how Sophie always wanted to help other people. I loved how big her heart was. She never expected anything in return for the things she did for others. I loved Marek too oh man he was swoon worthy. If you have not read Bleeding Hearts then I recommend that you pick up your copy today and give it a try trust me you will love it and Marek too of course.