Dreams of a Vampire

Dreams of a Vampire - Carole Gill Rose lived in a house with madness. Her father had lost his mind or maybe he was just a mean man. Rose was always glad to hear him say he was going out for a stroll that meant that he would not be in the house for a while. Rose her mother and her siblings were always walking around on tip toes always afraid of setting him off and then he would be mean to them. Any word could set him off. Rose never knew from one day to the next if her father was going to mean to them or not. Rose didn't know if she could ever remember a time when her father was not mad or not mean to them. She didn't know if he ever being good was just a dream or if it was real.

Rose had to go and stay with her aunt one day to take care of her. She was very ill and was dying. Upon her return home Rose went into her home and found that someone had killed everyone in her family. When she went in the house she found all of them dead. Her mother, father and her siblings were all gone.

I have read the first three books in The Blackstone Vampire Series and truly enjoyed all of them. I am glad that I have finally gotten around to reading Dreams of a Vampire. I am glad that I found out what happened on the night that Rose lost her family.