The Shade Amulet

The Shade Amulet - Andrea Pearson Lizzie is a professional Fire Impeder – a Fire Arete who can stop sparks from starting. Lizzie does not start fires she stops them from starting or puts them out. She can stop a gun from firing or she can stop a bomb from going off by stopping the spark from becoming a flame.

By day Lizzie helps out fire department by helping to put out fires and she helps out the police department by stopping a criminal’s gun from firing or stops a bomb from exploding.

By night she hunts fire vampires and they are not your sparkling vampires neither are they hot in the looks department that is and she also tracks down hounds. Nope vampires are not myth like Lizzie thought no they are very much real and like the hounds are hunting Lizzie and want to destroy her.

In order to stop these hounds Lizzie needs the help from a shade amulet which she does not have. To stop the hounds and safe Earth Lizzie must find where this amulet’s and go get it without it she is doomed and so is Earth.

The Shade Amulet is the first book that I have read by Andrea Pearson. I have read in other reviews that Lizzie is a character from the Mosaic Chronicles which I have not read. In saying this I don’t feel as if I was missing out on anything or that there were any holes in Lizzie’s story. I really enjoyed reading about Lizzie and her ability to stop a spark from igniting. Oh and the fire vampires and the hound were awesome too.

The Shade Amulet was a nice clean read that I believe is suitable for all ages. I can’t wait to read more about Lizzie, Abel, Cole, Nicole, the fire vampires and the hounds.