Temptation Trials Part II

Temptation Trials Part II - B. Truly, Laura Kenney Imagine living in a world where the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with is chosen for you. In a world where there is really no reason to fall in love because if you do then more than likely your heart will be broken.

The world is run by one man and this man chooses who you will spend the rest of your life with.

But if you do fall in love there is one hope for you by being a contestant on a reality tv show called Temptation Trials. On Temptation Trials if you can make it through to the end then you can choose the person you want to spend the rest of your life with yourself. That is if you can make it through all the temptations.

In Temptation Trails Part I Cali and her best friend Stefani talk their boyfriends, Cade and Tobias into going on the show so that they can spend their lives together. They are sent to an island where they each meet their temptations, face trails among other things and fall in love.

In Temptation Trails Part II Cali and Stefani are in love with two guys with their hearts torn. They must choose which one they want to spend the rest of their life with and it will be announced at the Temptation Ball to the whole world.

Cali, Stefani, Cade, Tobias, Zion and Dom are back on the mainland now waiting for the ball but in the mean time they are trying to figure out a way to stop the government from running their lives and having so much control over them by picking their life partners.

I have truly loved following along with Cali and Stefani on their long journey of fighting for the choice of choosing who they want to spend their lives with. My heart is torn into for these two girls I mean they do have a very tough choice to make. Which guy will they chose? Both of their choices are hawt and very loving people who will put their own lives in danger to save their girls.

Temptation Trials Part II has been one amazing journey. About half way through the story there was a big twist I mean it was like being picked up in a tornado and then set down somewhere else book it worked. I loved this amazing twist in the story and that ending although I never saw it coming blew my mind. Oh and what about that blue mist that is seen floating around the town? Blue mist…Temptation…Blue Lagoon…

As I have said before and I will say again this has been an amazing journey one in which I hope to take again one day. I do hope to read more about these characters. I know this is an end to an epic journey but a girl can hope can’t she?