The Vixen's Lead

The Vixen's Lead - Tate  James Kit and her best friend since childhood Lucy are professional thieves who have a few people hot on their trails. Kit is wanted for different reasons one of which is her being a thief and the other reason is for her special abilities. Kit will do whatever she needs to do to keep Lucy out of the limelight and will take all the heat. Lucy is like the brains of the operation while Kit does the actual stealing.

Kit and Lucy are not related but have been sister for a long time with spending time in foster homes together and being abused while in said foster homes by patrons that visited the home on occasion.

Kit moves in with these five guys who are trying to find The Fox and have no idea who she is. Kit is staying with them so they can keep her safe from the people who want her for her special abilities. These five guys are all very hot and they all want a piece of Kit well except maybe a couple of the guys. But Kit has no problem with this and does as she pleases with no quilt involved.

Kit is one very tough lady who needs no one to take care of her she can take care of herself but she doesn’t mind the guys, Caleb, Austin, Cole, Wesley or River helping out at times in more ways than one. Kit will walk through fire if she needed to in order to save Lucy or anyone of the guys if their lives were in danger.

The Vixen’s Lead is filled with lots of twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out where Kit is going to take you next. Come join Kit as she takes us on her life journey from foster care to high school to being a part time thief to living with five hot guys who are trying to keep her safe from the people who would like to get their hands on her special abilities to do with as they please.