The Blood Will Dry

The Blood Will Dry - Kate L. Mary It has been five years since the aliens attacked earth and the aliens bug thingies have taken over covering the earth with alien vines. Humans are forced to stay inside. Groups of people band together living in old abandon office buildings.

Diana Foster lost something very dear and close to her heart the day the aliens attacked, her husband and baby daughter. Diana has been in morning ever since just living day by day just putting one foot in front of the other with no plans for the future. With losing her whole life that day she no longer feels as if she has anything to fight for.

She has a wonderful friend Daisy who has been there for Diana for a long, long time. Diana is a private person and has never told anyone what she lost on that eventful day.

When a guy, Bryan from her past walks in the door one day everything changes for Diana. Diana and Bryan didn’t get along to well in the past. Bryan didn’t treat Diana very well the first time she met him at a birthday party for her husband. But Diana and Bryan are not the same people they were before the aliens attacked. But things start to heat up between Diana and Bryan pretty quickly.

Diana, Bryan, Daisy, Tyler and the rest of the team need to come up with a way to fight the aliens so they can win this war and stop the aliens so they can start to rebuild their lives. They need to find a way to fight the aliens.

Diana and Daisy are two tough chicks that don’t need a man to fight their battles for them but they probably need a man to keep them warm at night among other things. Diana and Daisy the double Ds as their friend Alex calls them and will not go down without a fight. Those two find themselves in places they never wanted to be but they don’t lie down and give up. No they pick themselves up and fight their way through.

I love me some dystopian books and one with an alien or two is just up my ally. When I read the summary for The Blood Will Dry I knew I had to read it the question was just a matter of when. I love the world that the author created in The Blood Will Dry with the aliens and vines growing everywhere and the alien bug creatures. When I was reading The Blood Will Dry I would get lost in the story and I would see what I was reading in my mind and for a little bit it felt as if I was watching a movie or living it myself. It was like I was seeing everything through Diana’s eyes. This is one book I would love to see on the big screen. It reminded me of the Alien movies.

The Blood Will Dry is the first book by Kate L. Mary that I have read but it won’t be the last or so I hope. I can’t wait to read more of her books especially the Broken World novels as I love me some zombies too.

If you like aliens or end of the world kind of books then you are going to fall in love with The Blood Will Dry. So pick up your copy today to start on your journey with Diana and the aliens in The Blood Will Dry.