Crowned (Beholder #4) - Christina Bauer Viktor is still after Elea and wants her dead and everyone she loves. Elea is a very strong girl and will do everything in her power to prevent this from happening. Viktor must be stopped at all cost.

Elea has a little talk with these trickster gods who has promised to help her find a way to stop Viktor but can they be trusted? They tell Elea that she needs to find this sword to stop Viktor with. But before they will help Elea they make a deal with her. Elea is a very smart girl and listens very closely to this deal that the tricksters are trying to get her to make but they are not called tricksters for nothing. If she doesn’t listen closely to what the gods are saying it could cost something very close and dear to her heart.

Elea goes on a little trip with her soul mate Rowan’s little brother Jicho, a nine year seer to find this sword so she can save all the people she loves and cares about. Elea and Jicho meet a lot of different people on this trip of theirs. Some good and some not so good. Elea has a few battles that she must face on her journey to finding this sword the Sword of Theodora. The Sword of Theodora is the only thing that can help Elea save not only her own life but the life of the people she loves.

Crowned is the fourth and final book in the Beholder series and I am sad to see it ending. I have come to love the characters in the Beholder series. I have loved following along with them on their journeys and all the battles they have faced.

Come join Elea on this magical journey to saving the ones she loves. Join her from the start with Cursed then on to Concealed and after that is Cherished and for her last journey there is Crowned. Let Elea take you on the most amazing magical journey of a lifetime.