Dragon School: Initiate

Dragon School: Initiate - Sarah K.L. Wilson Sixteen year old Amel has taken her first flight and survived. Trouble is brewing on the home front. Leng has returned to the school injured with a very important message that he thrust into Amel’s hands right before passing out. A message that she cannot read only a Dominion Evoy or a Purple Dragon can read it. Amel must keep the message safe until she can safely deliver the message to the right person.

Amel and the other students are told by their teachers that they are to pack up and move out but are not giving all the details. With Leng not being able to ride his own dragon Ahlskibi with his injury he will be riding with Amel on Raolcan that is if he will allow it. Dragons are very particular as to who they allow to ride them. Most of the time it is only their bonded dragons don’t trust humans no more than humans trust them.

I have fallen in love with dragons especially Raolcan. I so love this world that the author has created in Dragon School. I have loved seeing the world through Amel’s eyes while soaring through the skies on the back of a dragon. Dragon School: Initiate has been an epic journey one in which I can’t wait to continue hopefully in the near future.