The Dark Intercept

The Dark Intercept - Julia Keller Violet Crowley is the sixteen year old daughter of the President of New Earth. Many years ago her father founded New Earth as Old Earth was being destroyed by the people and the crime rate was just getting worse and worse.

After creating New Earth Violet’s father came by the knowledge that someone had invented what they called the Intercept. The Intercept was a program that allowed the government to take everyone’s emotions and use them to control crime and to control the people if they needed too.

Violet really didn’t like that someone knew about and recorded all of her emotions but it is all she knows. But she is starting to wake and start asking questions about the Intercept.

A guy that she works with and is in love with Danny has something that he is hiding and Violet wants to know what he is hiding. When she tries to ask Danny about what he is up to he won’t tell her all he ever says is trust me. The not knowing bugs Violet so bad that she decides to investigate what Danny is up to and just may get herself in a whole heap of trouble.

When I read the summary for The Dark Intercept I knew I had to read it. A device that can monitor, record and provoke people’s emotions I had to know how that was possible and how it worked. I really, really love dystopian books and couldn’t wait to read this one. I loved the whole idea of the intercept but I would not like someone having any kind of control over me like that or could actually do something like that to someone. But I did enjoy the story very much.

I really liked Violet she seemed like someone with a lot of compassion for others. I connected with Violet on more levels than one. I could relate to how she felt and how she handled certain things.

I would recommend The Dark Intercept to anyone who likes a good dystopian/science fiction story. The idea or concept of the story is brilliant and I can’t wait to read more about Violet and Danny’s adventures in the next book.