The Exiled Otherkin

The Exiled Otherkin - D. Lieber After being exiled from her home after the death of her father half-fae Ember takes a job on an airship a rigger. She has to inspect the sails to make sure they have no tears and fix them. One night after returning to the ship she over hears someone talking about taken the cargo. Over hearing this conversation puts in danger and someone tries to kill her.

Their ship is over taken by pirates and just as Ember and her new friends are about to board their ship it is blown to pieces leaving them in the hands of the pirates. When the pirate ship runs into trouble they have to crash land in a field. Ember and Reilley escape with the help from their friend Charlie.

Ember met Reilley before she started her new job on the airship. She found Reilley in an alley being beaten by a couple of dudes. Ember beat them and saved Reilley’s life afterwards he followed her everywhere she went. She was even rude to him telling him to go away and leave her alone but he wouldn’t listen. He followed her to the airship and landed a job as a cook on the ship.

Ember and Reilley went from town to town looking for ways to make money and meeting new people along the way that was always very happy to help them. Ember always protecting Reilley and Reilley protecting Ember. I really enjoyed this little story. It was a nice turnaround from the man being the strongest and protecting and saving the woman.

I would recommend The Exiled Otherkin to anyone who love a good fantasy or who like to read about the fae. Come join Ember, Reilley and Charlie as we follow them through the human realm and then into the fae realm.