Entromancy (Nightpath Trilogy #1)

Entromancy (Nightpath Trilogy #1) - M.S. Farzan A group of misfits team up to save the world. The misfits have their own special magical abilities. They become a team when an agent of NIGHT, Eskander Aradowsi comes into their presents for the first time and everywhere Eskander ends up someone is shooting at him and whoever just happens to be as they say in the wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing. So his fight kind of becomes their fight I other words.

Entromancy or should I say Eskander takes us on a wild ride through the city fighting to just stay alive. Entromancy is filled with lots of fighting not only with hand to hand but with magic, and ceridium assault rifles with unlimited ammo as well. I really liked this ceridium, it would be an amazing thing to have with all the things you can make from it. So cool.

I liked the ragers they reminded me of zombies. Ragers are people that are infected with the rage plague; they are fast and will tear someone a part within seconds. So if you come in contact with them you better run and hope you make it out alive. They are fast and furious.

Entromancy has been an amazing journey on in which I think I would like to take again in the next book of the Nightpath Trilogy. The world building is out of this world no pun intended. If you like a lot of action, fighting and guns a blazing then you are going to fall in love with this series.