Fluidus Rising: A YA Paranormal Novel:

Fluidus Rising: A YA Paranormal Novel: - Margo Ryerkerk On the night of her high school graduation strange things start happening around Sierra Reeves like her diploma starts floating through the air and she can see the auras of the people around her. And after receiving her diploma her Gran whisk her away from graduation early and rushes home so they can pack and leave. She won’t tell Sierra what all the hurry is Gran says there is not time that she will tell her on the road.

But of course Gran does not give her much information. But she does tell her that she has magical powers and that she is a part of the supernatural world that she has always believed to be a myth. Gran says they are going to Savannah, Georgia where they will be safe from the ones that are trying to either kill or kidnap Sierra. The people in Savannah will hide them and keep them safe.

In Savannah Sierra meets the Andere marshal Gavin McLoughlin. Gavin helps her to accept the supernatural world and helps her learn how to use her new powers. It is a slow go for Sierra in learning how to use her powers. She is having a hard time in figuring out how to use them or make them work when she wants them too.

Sierra is cautioned about running around on her own because someone is out to get her. They either want to kill her or kidnap her for her magical powers. Not only does she have to worry about someone wanting to kidnap her but there is a killer loose in Savannah. Someone is going around killing young women.

But Sierra is an eighteen year old girl/woman who has just graduated high school and is ready to take on the world and doesn’t like being treated like a kid so therefore she doesn’t pay much attention to what her Gran or Gavin tells her to do and is always running off herself.

I will give it to her most of the time she has consulted with Gran before going out but she usually ends up just a little farther off the trail than what she discussed with Gran. To Sierra she is a grown woman now and can take care of herself but on a couple of occasion she does find herself in peril.

Sierra gets herself a job working in a bar after being highly advised against it she meets this young man, Maxim who asks her out. Maxim and Sierra hit it off pretty quickly. Sierra is not sure exactly want she wants as she also likes Gavin. But Gavin is sort of standoffish and seems to push her away but Maxim on the other hand doesn’t no; he takes her in his arms and wraps her up tight.

Fluidus Rising takes off right from the beginning at a very fast pace and doesn’t let up until the very end. It will have you on the edge of your seat flying thorough it wanting to know what is around the next corner. I really loved this new take on the supernatural world that has been created in Fluidus Rising. I can’t wait to learn more about the supernatural world and about Sierra’s new world in the next book.

Come join Sierra as she takes us on this epic journey with her while she learns about her new world and her magical powers and all the magical powers that is around her.

I would recommend Fluidus Rising to anyone who loves to get lost in a magical world.