Through the Never: a Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

Through the Never: a Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection - J.A. Culican, Brandon Barr, Lucia Ashta, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Frost Kay, R.L. Blalock, Debbie  Cassidy, Richard Amos, J.C. Kang, Craig Martelle, Sharolyn G. Brown, Tina Glasneck This time around I am giving a great big shout out to four of the authors from the Through the Never. R. L. Blalock, Craig Martelle, Debbie Cassidy & Richard Amos, Sharolyn G. Brown

The Fall of Endurance by R.L. Blalock

Laure is one of many traveling in space looking for new home to start a new life to keep humans from becoming extinct when they run into debris and have to land the ship quickly. Not to worry though they have the best pilot alive commanding the ship.

When they land on this new planet which they hope will be their new home they run into a lot more than they were hoping for.

Can they make this new planet their home? Will they be welcomed? Will they want to stay? Will they have a choice?

R. L. Blalock has knocked it out the ball park again. She has written another great story. While reading The Fall of Endurance you feel what the characters are feeling and see what they see. R. L. is one of those writers that can make you feel a connection to all the characters and the writer as well.

Sneak Peak:

“Critical system failure. All personnel, report to the bridge.”

“What happened?” I demanded, finally looking up at the woman who hovered over me. Her face was tight and her mouth set into a grim line.

“The ship needs to go planetside. Now.” All I could do was blink back at the woman as my mind tried to process what she had just told me.

Planetside? Had they finally found a planet?

The Outcast by Craig Martelle

As part of his punishment a prisoner is sent out in a spaceship to survey asteroids. All he has for companionship is the voice of the computer.

This one a very good short one which I enjoyed more than I thought I would in the beginning. The ending was out of this world. I never saw it coming.

Sneak Peak:

The pilot’s seat also served as the dining chair, the bed, the couch, or whatever Benny needed it for. He lived and worked within thirty-four square feet.

His entire world was contained in that small space.

Across the Starlight Blue by Debbie Cassidy and Richard Amos

A spaceship traveling through space looking for a new home is hit by debris and has to land quickly. After taking the shuttles to their new planet they are attacked by these alien bird like creatures upon entering the planet’s atmosphere. Will they survive the attack? Can they make this new planet their home? Or have they traveled all this way for nothing?

I really liked getting inside Becca’s head when she was first introduced the alien bird like creatures. This was a wonderful little short which I really enjoyed reading.

Sneak Peak:

Sixty years he’d been monitoring this ship while they slept, which was another reason making him too human was a bad idea. A human would probably have gone insane alone on a spaceship for sixty years.

Rodan’s Awakening by Sharolyn G. Brown

A young girl’s home is attacked and her whole family is lost. Rodan embarks on a journey to find the ones who attacked her home and make them pay.

Sneak Peak:

“We cannot go into the encampment. They are under attack. We need to go and call for help. The factions need to know we need help.”

“There is no time. We need to go and help our people fight. My parents are there. Your parents are there.”

“I know my parents are there,” Rodan snapped. “But you and I are not fighters. We need to call for assistance.” Rodan walked away from their encampment and toward the comm center.