Gears of Fate

Gears of Fate - Wilbert Stanton Zak Walker is content to live out his life as a fringe rat in the slums of the sky city Olympus taking care of his little sister Alice. But of course his father has his own plans for Zak. Zak’s father is going to get him a job on an airship and Zak will be away from home a lot. Who is going to look after his little sister, Alice if he is not there to do it? His father spends most of his time at The Crow’s Nest drinking.

Than a girl, Seneca Rose lands on Zak’s doorstep wanting his help to fight a war on Earth between the Seelie and the Unseelie Court. Zak wants no part in this war. Besides he doesn’t understand what if anything this war has to do with him and why is it his problem. He thinks this girl is cogged with all her stories about fey, queens and gods and other creatures and wants no part of her and her war. That is until his little sister, Alice is kidnaped and he will do anything to get her back safely even take a trip to Earth.

Many, many centuries ago a war broke out and the Fey won dominion over Earth. Olympians and Norse Gods with humans; fled Earth to live in the sky on planet Olympus and became known as the sky people.

I really enjoyed reading Gears of Fate with the airships and all the gear cogs. I loved their slang language like rust and clogged. The world building is so amazing with all the creatures that now live on Earth.

If you like steampunk and fantasy then you will fall in love with Gears of Fate. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.