When Time Is A River

When Time Is A River - Susan Clayton-Goldner Brandy Michaelson is devastated when her two and half year old little sister Emily disappears from a park near their home. Brandy loves Emily very much and doesn’t mind looking after her but she is to meet a boy from school at the park on this particular day so that they can practice their lines for a school play. When the baby sitter cancels at the last minute her step-mom Christine ask Brandy to watch Emily for her. Emily loves the park and wants Band-aide to take her to the park with her so Brandy gives in. Besides it is hard to say no to such a sweet little girl. Band-aide is Emily’s nick name for her sister.

Brandy wants more than anything to find her sister and bring her home and she will do whatever it takes to find her even get in the way of Detective Radhauser’s investigation.

When Time Is A River is not the first book by Susan that I have read. I loved all of them and if I had to pick a favorite I don’t know that I could. But I can say one thing Susan’s writing gets better with each book.

Brandy is just an amazing and lovable person who could try to place blame for her sister's disappearance on someone else but she doesn’t even though she is getting some blame herself. Brandy will leave no stone unturned until she finds her sister she knows that she only has small window of time to find her before it is too late.

When I was reading When Time Is A River I kept thinking about that tv show 48 Hours where they try to solve the case within 48 hours after that it is harder to solve. I think Brandy knew this. She probably watched the show herself and knew that if they didn’t find her soon she may never see her sister again.

Susan left lots of little clues all through the book and I kept trying to put them together so hoping I could figure out who took Emily. I would think oh yeah he did it or no wait I think he did it or maybe not. But in the end all the clues came together and then of course made lots of sense.

I really enjoyed Emily and Brandy’s story and I did do lots of crying just imaging what Brandy or Emily was going through. I really connected with When Time Is A River because of the missing little girl Emily and Detective Radhauser’s little girl Lizzy who went to the same preschool as Emily. I have a niece named Emily and a niece named Lizzy all though they are both older I kept thinking what if it was one of my nieces missing.

I would have to say that Susan Clayton-Goldner is my favorite mystery writer. If you are looking for a great mystery story or just a great story then you are going to love When Time Is A River.