A River of Silence

A River of Silence - Susan Clayton-Goldner Four year old Scott hits on his little brother Skyler. Skyler cries a lot and Scott and his dad don’t like it when Skyler cries. Scott is jealous of Skyler and Bryce.

Skyler a 19 month old little boy is taken to the hospital with a big knot on his head and bruises. Skyler is a sweet little boy who loves to play with Bryce and his favorite toy a shark.

Henry is an eighteen year old with the mind of a seven year old who loves to play with Scott and Skyler. Henry likes to pretend that he is their father and likes to give Skyler is bottle.

Dana the boy’s mother is divorced from their father Reggie has been living in her car with the boys until she takes a complete stranger up on his offer to come live in his house as he has two extra rooms for her and the boys. Dana works hard at the Lazy Lasso Bar and Grill while trying to take care of two little boys.

Reggie the boy’s father or at least they have his last name which is also their mothers. Scott says that him and his dad doesn’t like Skyler because he is to loud always crying never shutting up.

Caleb Bryce or as everyone calls him Bryce is a thirty five year old man, who is hearing impaired opens up his home and heart to a complete stranger with two little boys who were living in a car. For over a year Bryce helped Dana with her boys by babysitting them. He would take them to the park and push them on the swings, build them a playhouse out of a cardboard box cook for them, bathe them and read to them when he put them to bed at night.

When a little boy dies Detective Winston Radhauser is assigned to the case. When things start to heat up and the case has not been solved his boss puts the heat on him to arrest someone and that someone just happens to Bryce. Detective Radhauser doesn’t believe that Bryce is guilty and continues to investigate the case to find the real killer.

After graduation from law school Kendrick Huntington Palmer IV takes on her first case as a Public Defender. On her first case she is to defined a man who is accused of killing a 19 month old baby but Kendra doesn’t believe that Bryce is guilty any more than Detective Radhauser. Kendra and Radhauser set out to prove Bryce innocent. Is Bryce innocent? If he is then who murder little Skyler?

Susan has done it again. She has written another best seller. Susan is my favorite mystery writer ever. She can create a story that will grab you from the beginning and never let go. Susan is one author that can write a story where you come the closest ever to seeing the world through the eyes of the author. She can also hit you right in the heart and have you feeling just what the characters are feeling. Her stories are filled with so much mystery that the endings will blow your mind. All the way through you think you have it all figured out as to who the killer is but then in the end she will surprise you.

If you love mysteries then you are going to love A River is Silence. Pick up your copy and get to know little Skyler, Scott, Dana, Reggie, Radhauser, Kendra, Henry, Bear and find out more about Bryce and the man he is. I can’t recommend A River is Silence enough. I can’t wait to read more of Susan’s books and more of Detective Radhauser.