Monsterland - Michael Okon When I read the summary for Monsterland I knew I had to read it as it made me think of one of my favorite movies Jurassic Park. I love those movies and I have all three but they are on VCR and so I can’t watch them anymore, bomber. But of course there is Netflix. Monsterland has all my favorite things to read about like zombies, vampires, werewolves and monsters.

Monsterland tells the tale of one man Vincent Konrad who opens up a new theme park in the United States called Monsterland along with six more all over the world all opening on the same night. Vincent opens the park in order to give vampires, zombies and werewolves a place to live; their food is provided for them and a safe from humans, a nice clean and protective environment.

Wyatt Baldwin is given tickets to opening night with backstage passes to see how the park is run. Wyatt takes his little brother Sean and his two best friends, Melvin and Howard Drucker and boy are they in for the ride of their life. Wyatt, Sean, Melvin and Howard Drucker are all very excited to be going to the grand opening of Monsterland and are expected to have the time of their life but things may not turn out just as they were expecting. The boys can’t wait to take a ride on the Werewolf River Run, walk through Vampire Village to be drawn in and mesmerized by the best band ever and last but not least take a stroll through Zombieville.

Monsterland theme park is a great idea for humans to put their minds at ease thinking that the monsters are now locked up but is the true monsters here behind bars? Werewolves are not much different from humans in wanting to live their life the way they want and be free. Yeah they eat meat but so do humans. And Vampires just want the same thing to be free and live their life like they want too. Yes they drink blood and mostly human blood but who’s to say if given the chance and they are treated equal to humans if they would only drink animal blood I mean it is not any different than humans eating an animal. Now zombies I don’t think they could ever be treated equal they are mindless, brainless sick humans who can’t think for themselves any longer. Who is the real monster? Man, werewolves, vampires or zombies?

Once I started reading Monsterland I couldn’t put it down I had to keep reading wondering if Wyatt, Sean, Melvin, Howard Drucker, Carter, Jade were going to lead us next. Would they get eaten by the werewolves? Would the vampires drain them of their blood? Or would the zombies eat them? Monsterland will take you on the ride of your life and this has never been more of a true statement. Now the question is what will your ride be like? Will you be thrilled or will you be scared?

Yes I invite you to come join, Wyatt, Sean, Melvin and Howard Drucker on their ride through Monsterland.