The Child

The Child - Fiona Barton The story of The Child is told from the prospective of four different women, Kate, Angela, Emma and Jude.

The Skeleton of a baby is found on a building site. Who is the building site baby?

Angela thinks it is her baby girl Alice who was taken from her hospital room at a maternity hospital several years ago.

Emma thinks it is the baby that she gave birth to when she was a teenager. She hid her pregnancy from her mom and all her friends. She tried to tell her mom Jude but she didn’t want to hear the truth as it involved her boyfriend Will.

Jude chose not to believe her if she did then she would lose Will. Jude and Will threw Emma out when she was sixteen and she had to go live with her grandparents.

Kate, a reporter just wants a story for the paper she works for but once she meets Angela and Emma and hears their stories it becomes more than just a story for her. She wants to find out the truth for these two women who have come to touch her heart.

Whatever happened to baby Alice? Who took Alice? Whose baby was buried at the building site? Who would bury a baby like that and why? Come and join Kate on her quest to find the truth.

If you have not read The Child then let me suggest that you do. The Child is filled with lots of twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to know why, who and what? Why did they bury the child there? Who buried the child there? What is going to happen next?