Into the Air

Into the Air - A.K. Downing People have lived in compounds underground for many, many, many years after the world was destroyed by nuclear explosions. Most of these people have never seen the sunshine, the moon or the grass. They have never been into the air. Living underground is a dank and dark place with nothing but stale air to breath and only artificial lights.

Mia Bryn has lived underground all her life never having seen the sun or felt its warmth on her face or breathed the air from above. Well except for a little while when she was ten years old. When her mother and sister was killed and her father was attacked he took Mia and they left their compound for another which was never done but somehow he talked them into letting them in. Mia has no idea why they were attacked nor who killed her mother and sister. Her father would never talk to her about what happened.

Mia didn’t like being underground and wanted to live in the air. Mia was a quiet shy person who kept to herself most of the time. As her friend Laurel always said Mia didn’t belong underground like they did but who did really. Mia wanted so bad to live in the air but they didn’t know if it was safe not only were they worried about breathing the air but what about the radiation? Was it safe? And what about the mutant creatures?

So when Mia’s father received a letter from the Academy Mia talked him into accepting the invitation against his better judgement. Mia was so excited to be in the air seeing the sun, the forest and all the different colors. Mia’s happiness was squashed the minute they enter the City Site and their wagon was attacked and her father was injured. Mia had no choice but to leave him there and escape if she wanted to live.

Mia’s journey was going to be a lot different than she anticipated when leaving the compound. She is roaming the forest trying to figure out why people are chasing her and how she was going to rescue her father. Mia is in luck when she meets a group of guard from the Academy who takes her under their wing and makes it their assignment to keep her safe and help her rescue her father.

Mia is a very strong willed girl who at times surprises her rescuers. One of the guards Archer in particular takes a real close interest in Mia and she frustrates him to no end at times. Mia doesn’t think about the end results when someone she cares about is in trouble she just reacts which could cost her, her life as well as others. No when Mia gets mad or upset she will not go down without a fight.

I love dystopian novels and Into the Air was an amazing story which makes you stop and think about what could help if war was to come in the form of a nuclear attack. I think anyone who loves dystopian novels will love Into the Air. I can’t wait to follow Mia on her next journey in the next book.