A Curse of Fire (Fae Academy Book 1)

A Curse of Fire (Fae Academy Book 1) - Sophia Shade Imogen has never had a place that she could call home. All her life her mother has moved them from place to place. They use to stay in one place for a while but now they only stay in once place for maybe a couple of months at a time. Imogen has tried talking to her mother about why they were always moving and never staying in one place long but her mother just won’t tell her anything no matter how much she argues. Something or someone is after Imogen’s mother and they want something or someone and that someone is Imogen.

Imogen has a big day planned out and she has been planning this day for a very long time. But her plans have fallen through once again as her mother packs them up and are on the move again. Whoever is after them is hot on their trail today. Imogen finally gets her mother to confess as to who is after them and why. Imogen finds out that she is a fairy and that is who has been chasing them all these years and have finally caught up to them and have given her an ultimatum go with them willing or be forced.

The ultimatum she was given is that she must attend the Fae Academy to learn who she is. Imogen’s mother has always believed this to be a bad place and didn’t want her daughter going there or maybe she is just afraid of losing her daughter.

Imogen decides that she wants to go to this school to learn who she is and where she came from. She is in for a world of trouble when she first walks through the door to the Fae realm and has to make it through dark fae territory.

When she finally makes it to the school there are a lot of students in the nurse’s office who are very ill and on the first day. Later she learns that one of the halls is being attacked. Imogen is on the case when it seems that the staff doesn’t seem to care. If their magic doesn’t fix it then they don’t seem to care but Imogen doesn’t need magic as she has never had or used magic in her life she will just have to do it the human way by snooping.

But Imogen has other fish to fry like dealing with two hot guys that really seems to heat her up in more ways than one. Yeah Imogen has finally found herself a home and have made lots of friends. She also has to contend with not being able to control her element fire. If she doesn’t get that under control she could be putting herself not to mention other people in danger. How is girl to learn how to control fire when she didn’t even know she could make fire? But figure it out she must.

I have really enjoyed reading A Curse of Fire and getting lost in the halls of the Fae Academy with Imogen, Dannika, Ella, Erick, Caleb, Driftblossom, Damon and Lady Shadowburn plus many, many more. This has been an epic journey in the realm of the Fae one in which I hope to rejoin in the near future.

Come join in on this great adventure and walk with Imogen through the halls of the Fae Academy and see what she sees. Sophia Shade is one of those authors who can pull you into a story and have you seeing the world through character/author’s eyes and have you so lost in the story that you actually forget where you are and have you racing through wanting to help Imogen find out whodunit. I can’t wait for the next book to find out more about Imogen and her life as well as all of her new friends and read more about the Fae Academy.

I would recommend A Curse of Fire to anyone who loves a good whodunit with a little magic on the side.