Redemption Lake

Redemption Lake - Susan Clayton-Goldner Eighteen year old Matt Garrison wakes up in the bed of his best friend Travis’ mother Crystal’s bed after a night of drinking. He rushes to the bathroom and finds Crystal lying in a pool of blood in the bathtub. Needless to say his first thought was what have I done? But he thinks he couldn’t have killed anyone and if he didn’t kill her who did? Next he thinks of his best friend Travis and not letting him see his mother like this and of being caught at a murder scene so he fleas without calling the police or informing anyone.

Now Matt is running around trying to figure out what happened to Crystal and keep all his secrets hidden. Detective Winston Radhauser along with others know that Matt is hiding something but is not sure what until he arrests Matt’s dad. Matt is very determined now to find out what happened to Crystal. Did Matt kill her? Did his dad kill her? Did she kill herself? Was it murder or was it suicide? What happened to Crystal? Matt is not sure find out if you are.

I read Susan’s novel A Bend in the Willow and loved it and I am so very glad I read Redemption Lake as it was just as good if not better. Both will leave you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out whodunit and wanting more. Redemption Lake will have you turning the pages so fast you will feel as if you are on the lake racing away on a speed boat. I would like to place a caution up though while reading Redemption Lake you will need a couple of boxes of tissue when getting inside of Matt’s heart and mind.