A Bend in the Willow

A Bend in the Willow - Susan Clayton-Goldner Robin Lee Carter had a very loving and caring mother whom she loved very much and two brothers whom she also loved and adorned very much as well. Robin Lee left home just shy of her eighteenth birthday. She left because of a tragic accident that could put her behind bars for a very long time.

When Robin Lee left home she had her name changed met a wonderful man Ben Henry whom she fell in love with and married and had a little boy Michael. Now Catherine has a wonderful life and has put her past behind her. Until one day Michael has an accident and is sent to the hospital. While at the hospital they discover that he has a chemotherapy-resistant leukemia and needs a donor.

Catherine has told so many lies over the years about her past and now it may all come tumbling out. To save Michael’s life Catherine may have to return home and face her past and the people she left behind.

How will she ever tell the man she loves that she has lied to him about who she truly is and what she did all those years ago. How will the people she left behind on that tragic day except her now? What is going to happen to Michael? What will happen to Catherine when she returns home to face the music? Can she save her son? Will her marriage be left behind this time?

Robin Lee/Catherine is one very strong woman to have endeared all that she lived through her whole life. With never having gone through anything even close to what she did there is no way I can identify with her. There is no way I can ever say that I know what you are going through or I know how you feel because there is no way I ever could. I can feel for her; have compassion for her but I cannot know how she feels.

Michael is a very strong, loving and compassionate person as well. He is so adorable. I loved what he told his Uncle Kyle when he met him in the hospital. Kyle was a very strong and loving man as well and has very big heart and a soft spot for children.

With A Bend in the Willow Susan Clayton-Goldner had me from the summary not the first page. Once I picked it up and started reading I didn’t want to put it down. Although there were times I couldn’t see the pages for my eyes tearing up. A Bend in the Willow will grab a hold of your heart and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until you think you can’t handle anymore. A Bend in the Willow is one of those stories that will stay with you forever and forever; never letting go.