Lost Girls

Lost Girls - Merrie Destefano Rachel wakes up on the side of the road in a ditch filthy covered in bruises and blood and with memory lost. Rachel went missing two weeks ago but has lost a year of her life. What has she been doing for that whole year of her life? She knows the people that say they are her friends but are they really the people she hangs out with every day? Where is her best friend?

Rachel is wondering about herself as well, who is this person in her body. Why are all the clothes in her closet black? Where are all of her pink things? Who is this girl that is the leader of her group of friends? Where is that shy little girl? And what about this guy Dylan who says he is her boyfriend? She knows who Dylan is I mean she has had a crush on him since forever but is he really her boyfriend? She is a lot stronger and faster now than she use to be and she can fight. How is that possible? How did she change so much in a year? What happened to her during those two weeks she was missing?

Rachel finds out that she has not been the only one to go missing in the last year but she is the only one to return. Rachel is going to find out what happened to her during those two weeks. When she finds out about all the other missing girls she is determined to find them and bring them home as well.

Reading Rachel’s story will make you stop and think about a lot of things. Like all the different things that could happen to girls and boys that go missing every day. Lost Girls could really be someone’s life story. This could really happen to boys and girls all over the world.

When I read the summary for Lost Girls I knew I had to read it. I wanted to know what happened to Rachel during those two weeks she was missing. What I found out was something that I never expected. Lost Girls will stay with me for a very long time. I am not sure if I will ever forget Lost Girls. Every time I hear about a girl or boy missing I will think about Lost Girls.