Rhodi Rising

Rhodi Rising - Megan Linski When their Aunt and Uncle find them at the home of the Rhodi where they were staying after they lost their parents in an accident Dylan and Devin are forced to go live with them. Dylan and Devin do not want to leave their Masters Talidin and Tavana. Talidin has become like a father to Dylan. There is a bond between master and student that no one can break. The master will give his or her life for their student to keep them safe.

After their new home is attacked by the Hunter’s Guild and their Aunt and Uncle are taken captive. Dylan and Devin along with their cousin Tristen have nowhere to go except back home with their Masters. On their way back home they meet a very nice family with a boy about their age and a little girl whom they all become fast friends with.

When their Masters Talidin and Tavana come up missing Dylan, Devin, Enfys and Jenna go with them back to their home to help them find Talidin and Tavana. Enfys and Jenna are Searchers who can find out anything you would what to know or need to know.

Talidin and Tavana are very lucky that they have such caring and dedicating students as Dylan and Devin that will not let anything get in the way of them finding their masters and bringing them home. Dylan and Devin are very lucky to have such wonderful and amazing friends as they have in Enfys, Jenna, Tito and Tristen to help them with their mission of rescuing their masters.

I have enjoyed following along with Dylan and Devin on their journey of finding Talidin and Tavana. Sometimes they make you laugh but then sometimes they make you cry. Dylan and Devin will take you on some bumpy roads but in the end the ride will usually level out. Dylan and Devin have some pretty amazing and fun friends.

Can Dylan and Devin find Talidin and Tavana before it is too late? Can they stop the war between the Hunter’s Guild and the Rhodi before more people are tortured and killed? To find out all the answers pick your copy today!