Thief of Sanguardia (Skeleton Key)

Thief of Sanguardia (Skeleton Key) - Cherie Marks, Skeleton Key Kaia Skipwith is a thief and is one of the best in the business. If she can’t steal it then it can’t be stolen. That is sort of her motto as a thief. Kaia was coerced into doing this job by Finn McClaire. Finn has taken her sister; Aubrey hostage in order to get Kaia to do this job for him. He knew she could do the job where others probably could not.

Kaia is performing her last job when just minutes after she entered the building and taken possession of her prize, a skeleton key she hears sirens and just as someone is coming into the room Kaia spots a door she did not see before and just knows that she would be safe behind this door.

When Kaia steps through this door just in the nick of time she enters the world of Sanguardia. A world that she did not know existed until this moment. In Sanguardia Kaia meets the handsome Zegorie Fay of Clan Montgomerie, the leader of the vampire army. The vampires have been in war with the humans for a very long time. It is all Zegorie knows.

Kaia is attracted to Zegorie right off the bat. She thinks he is very handsome. After spending some time with him Kaia’s body starts feelings things that she has not felt before or not exactly like that. Kaia knows she can’t have a relationship with him because she has to find a way back home so she can save her sister before the deadline that Finn placed upon her.

Zegorie is tired of fighting and is searching for a way to stop the war when he sees Kaia for the first time. He knows right from the start that she is special and that she holds the key that will stop the war although he doesn’t know just how right he really is at that moment. At that time all he is seeing is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Will Kaia ever find her way home? Can she save her sister before it is too late? Will Zegorie ever find a way to stop the war so everyone can live in peace and the killing will stop? Can Kaia and Zegorie ever be together? Could they have a long distance relationship, Kaia in one world and Zegorie in another?

I have truly loved reading Thief of Sanguardia. I loved the world that Cherie created in Thief of Sanguardia. I love the whole new world of the vampires. These vampires will take you to a whole new universe one that I have not read or heard of before. Thief of Sanguardia will take you to places you have never been before. It will grab a hold of you from the very first word and will not let go until the end. If you have not read Thief of Sanguardia then I highly recommend that you do. You will not regret it for one minute. It will blow your mind in more ways than one.