Age of Order

Age of Order - Julian North Daniela Machado lives in a world where the country has been divided into different classes of people. Not only have the people been divided but they all go to different schools and live in different places. People who live in Daniela’s part of the country cannot go to the rich part without a reason and permission.

Daniela is on the track team at the high school she attends and is the fastest runner on the team. Daniela loves running it helps her to deal with everyday life. Daniela has an older brother who has a disease called the Waste that only people from the lower class have. One of Daniela’s goals in life is to one day being able to get her brother the cure he needs.

So when Daniela is offered a scholarship to the Tuck Academy, a school in Manhattan she accepts. She has some issues with the offer and accepting but under the circumstances she has no choice. She knows deep down this will be the best thing for her and her brother because hopefully eventually it will get him the cure he needs before it is too late.

Daniela meets some very interesting people at the Tuck Academy some of who become her friends and some who do not. There is a lot of mysterious things going on at the academy and being the person she is Daniela has all intentions of finding out what the school and the people there are hiding and why they are hiding it.

Come join Daniela and her new friends while they try to figure out what is going at the Tuck Academy and what they are going to do about it once they figure it all out. I love reading dystopian books and Age of Order takes the dystopian world to whole new level one which I enjoyed tremendously. I would love to read more about Daniela and the new world she has found herself in.