Anomaly - Tonya Kuper I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Josie is having the worst day of her life. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, she thinks she has a virus or something with the enormous migraine she has. She feels as if her head is about to explode. She finds out that her parents have been lying to her since the day she was born. Oh and by the way today is her birthday. Yeah Happy Birthday Josie! She is seventeen today the same age as her brother when he died. And if that is not enough for you guess what she has no idea where her Dad is. Yeah dear old dad is missing in action on her birthday. But that is nothing new he is MIA most of the time when his job. It keeps him on the road more than at home with the family that loves and needs him more than anything.

But as they say everything has to balance out. You for every action there is a reaction or something like that. Evil v/s good, Yin and Yang kind of thing. The one good thing that does happen to Josie on her bad birthday is that a new guy shows up at her school for his first day at her school and boy is his one good looking dude. Reid and his friend Santos ride up on their motorcycles and are very bada**.

But what Josie doesn’t know is that Reid and Santos have a lot of secrets they are hiding form her. But they will all come out when the time is right of course. She finds out that she is Oculi and that Reid is there to train, protect and keep her out of the hands of the people who want her dead. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that part earlier when I was telling you about how bad her birthday was. Opps!

Reid has given up his life and who he is to keep Josie safe and alive. He will protect her right up until he takes his very last breath if that is what it takes to keep her safe and out of the hands of the people who want her dead. The Oculi are not supposed to have any kind of feelings for each other but that doesn’t stop Reid or Josie when the sparks start flying. But who can stop what they are feeling in their heart even if they do thing that the one person that they have let in has done them wrong it doesn’t stop them from loving.

I am very glad that I finally decided to pick up Anomaly and read it. I wish that I had done so a lot sooner. I wanted so bad to read it when I first got it but I kept putting it off trying to keep up with all of my duties as a blogger and reviewer. I finally got a break so I said I’m going to do it this time and I am so glad that I listened to myself. I have never read anything like Anomaly before. It was filled with so much action that I didn’t want to put it down I wanted to keep on reading.

When I wasn’t reading it I sure was thinking about it and all of the characters wondering what they were doing and what was going to happen next. It really took me on a road that I never thought I would be going down. The ending really took me by surprise and I never saw it coming but I loved it and hated it but that is what makes a book good. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I just know it will be amazing. I recommend Anomaly to all paranormal and fantasy fans or anyone looking for a good book to read.