Goddess, Awakened (The Goddess Connection)

Goddess, Awakened (The Goddess Connection) - Cate Masters I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Jocelyn Gibson is a descendant of the goddess Iris with magical powers of which she thought she had put on the back burner because of her husband. But Joss has been in morning for the past three years and decides it is time to move on with her life. So she buys an old bed and breakfast in the small town of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania that she plans on renovating. She knows it is going to take a lot of time and hard work but she has her friend Annie and her family to help her.

Even though Joss is now trying to make a new life for herself she is still not ready or has no plans for another man in her life. That is until she meets the town vet who just happens to live and work across the street from the inn. Eric Hendricks like Joss is not ready for a relationship either. Joss is also morning his wife, Karen but when the two of them meet sparks start to fly. In the beginning they both try to fight the feelings they are having. Neither one of them knows excatly what is happing nor what they are feeling. They push their feelings away and try to hide them from themselves and everyone else. But they can't hide from other people.

I think Eric realizes before Joss how he feels about her and that he wants her in is life. But there is a woman that works at the diner in town who has her eyes set on Eric and will do whatever she has to; to make him hers even sell her soul to the devil. She makes a deal with a demon to get Eric. When Joss finds out she enlist the help of her family to help her save Eric before it is too late. Joss with the help of her Grandmother, Aunt and other family members must fight evil in order to save Eric, the inn, the town and the people who live there as well.

Goddess, Awakened is filled with love and evil that will have you feeling real good one minute and the next minute it will have you hanging on for your life or more like one of the character's lives. You just want to reach into the book and give the woman that was after Eric a shake and just tell her to leave him alone. But at the same time you knew that she couldn't totally be blamed for everything she was doing. The demon that she made the deal with is more to blame than her. Although she was evil from the beginning before the demon ever came into the picture or she would never had made a deal with him.

If you like reading about goddess, demons, love and goddess and demons fighting then you need to give Goddess, Awakened a try. I really liked reading about a older age group of main characters for a change, it was refreshing.