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Fire War 11: Treason

Fire War 11: Treason - Michael T. Murray Jackson oldest daughter Maya has been taken by the government for rehabilitation for having propaganda in her procession. Jackson wants to get his daughter back so he turns to the only people he knows that can help him and that is the Apocolyte a rebel group that is trying to over throw the government and bring out the truth in order to take back their country and save the people.

The Apocolyte have agreed to help Jackson but in turn he must do a favor for them. It is like you scratch my back and I will scratch your back kind of thing so of course Jackson agrees. After his daughter was taken away it caused Jackson to open his eyes more to really be able to see what the president is doing. With his position at the White House as the president’s top security guy Jackson has access to a lot of information that could help the Apocolyte.

Jackson must now decide which side he wants to play on. Which side does Jackson believe in? Does he think that the president is doing the best thing for the country? Is the president the good guy or the bad guy? Is the Apocolyte the good people or the bad people? Whose team does Jackson want to play on?

Fire War II: Treason has been a fast read it will grab your attention with the first word and will hang on right up to the last word and leaving you wanting more. This has been an awesome journey one in which I can’t wait to follow more of in the next book Fire War III: Uprising.

Fire War (Fire War Trilogy Book 1)

Fire War (Fire War Trilogy Book 1) - Michael T. Murray The United States of America has now become the United Continental States of America or UCSA if you prefer. UCSA makes up the three North American countries, the United States, Canada and Mexico with one President. The people love that the president has finally gotten the three countries to unite as it has brought unemployment up and terrorism down making it a better place to live.

The people follow the rules and orders of the president without question. They believe in everything he says and does. People like when things are running smoothly and they don’t have to get involved. They can turn their eyes elsewhere and not look or help out a fellow neighbor. But who can really blame them because if they look or help out then they and their families could disappear as well and who wants that.

Anthony Jackson is a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines and probably the best snipper ever. He trains other Marines to be the best. Being in the Marines has cost Jackson valuable time with his wife and two daughters over the years and he is ready to return home to try and make up some of that time with them if possible.

Jackson doesn’t really know what he is going to do when he returns home but that question is answered real quickly when he saves the presidents life and is offered a position to protect the president in Washington.

When his oldest daughter Maya starts to question everyone’s freedom and rights and starts to hang out with the wrong people Jackson starts to worry about his family and their freedom. He is afraid that they too will disappear in the middle of the night so to speak. When it comes down to choosing between his daughter and his family and his country Jackson has some hard decision and choices to make or to think about.

I love me some dystopian books and I am so glad that I gave Fire War a try. Yeah when I read the summary I knew I had to read it. I didn’t sign up to read it at first but you know there are just some books that just keep calling your name so to speak. I knew then that I couldn’t pass it up and I am so glad that I listened. I love the world that the author has created for Fire War and can’t wait to dive into the next book Fire War II: Treason.

Spell Book & Scandal

Spell Book & Scandal - Jen McConnel Shelby King is a scribe like her mom while her sister Christina is a caster like their dad. Christina is the best caster in their school and their mom and dad are powerful as well but poor Shelby’s magic is not any good. Shelby use to write spells for her sister just like her mom does for her dad but since her spells always back fires Christina will have nothing to do will her spells.

Then one day this guy in Christina’s class starts talking to Shelby and wants to hang out with her. He wants Shelby to scribe for him. Shelby wants to be with him so bad that she agrees but she fails to mention to him that her spells are not any good. Shelby starts sneaking out at night to meet Jeremiah along with some of his buddies to participate in some illegal spell casting battles.

Everyone thinks that Shelby should be as powerful as Christina although they know that she is not but they give her a hard time at school anyway always picking on her about it and putting her down. Shelby gets tired of it all and rebels by going with Jeremiah to the illegal spell battles.

But something changes within Shelby something that she doesn’t understand or can explain but it may just cost Christina and Shelby their futures and put them in a world of trouble if anyone finds out what has happen or what she has done. Can Shelby fix her mistake before it is too late?

When I read the summary for Spell Book & Scandal I knew I had to read it. I had to know more about scribes and casters. The whole time I was reading Spell Book & Scandal I kept thinking that it reminded me a lot of that old movie The Parent trap staring Brain Keith and that tv show Charm. I know that Shelby and Christina are not twins but they are sisters. I guess the reason it reminded of Charm is because they are three sisters that are witches.

Spell Book & Scandal has been an amazing journey. I loved watching these two sisters together. Fighting as sisters do but when it came time to dig out the big guns they had each other’s backs. I can’t wait to read more about these two as well as some of the other characters as well.

Wolves and Roses

Wolves and Roses (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #1) - Christina Bauer A young girl Bryar Rose is a Magicorum and all Magicorum have a life template they must follow and Bryar’s life template is sleeping beauty. But Bryar doesn’t live up to her life template so she must attend this special school for people who don’t live up to their life templates.

At this school Bryar meets her best friend Cinderella or Elle who like Bryar has secrets of her own. Elle is a very talented con artist who must hide out from her stepfamily. If Elle meets up with her stepfamily or they find her it could cause her a world of problems. Bryar and Elle become best friends who have each other’s backs always no questions asked.

Bryar has these episodes where she will fall asleep standing on her feet if it were not for her inhaler. Bryar was raised by her three aunties who make this special medicine for her to keep her from falling asleep.

Bryar’s three aunties want Bryar to marry prince Philpot but Bryar Rose wants no part of this prince but the thing is she has to fake it until her eighteenth birthday which is just right around the corner and then she will be home free. She won’t have to listen to her aunts anymore or anyone else for that matter. She will be free as a bird to live her life as she wants and that is a normal human with no magical powers.

Bryar meets the man of her dreams literally a man that she has been dreaming about her whole life. Knox is a werewolf who wants to protect Bryar from the moment he lays eyes on her. Whenever Bryar is around him her legs don’t seem to want to support her any longer. Knox is one hot dude that will make your tongue come out and slap your brains out.

Oh man I don’t know what to say about Wolves & Roses except that I fell hard and fast for the world the author created in Wolves & Roses and all the characters as well or most of them anyways there were a few that I didn’t care for much. From the very beginning I was drawn in and I couldn’t get enough of Wolves & Roses I fell asleep trying to devour this one, oh yeah. And that ending was awesome but it did leave me wanting more which is what a good story will do. Yes, I can’t wait to read the next book Shifters and Glyphs in the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum series.

I would recommend Wolves & Roses to anyone who loves fairy tales.


Veiled - Stacey Rourke While Veiled was kind of slow in the beginning with it going from the past to the present, back and forth. But once I figured out that she was having flash backs giving me her background I was like that is good. I got this. Once I figured that out it picked up and I zoomed right through it.

Imagine living in a world where vampires are real, vampires and humans living together in the same neighborhood or apartment building, working the same jobs. Well some humans are trying to do the right thing and get along with vampires and some are not of course but there are some vampires that only think of humans as food too.

Our main girl Vincenza, a human lost her family to a group of rogue vampires. When the vamps left they thought Vincenza was dead but she was saved and now she will stop at nothing to find the vamps that took her family away from her and make them pay if it is the last thing she does. Vincenza is not alone after losing her family she has the help of her best friend Micha to help her through it.

Veiled is not the first book by Stacey Rourke that I have read and it won’t be the last. The first book I read by Stacey was Rise of the Sea Witch and then TS901: Anomaly and loved them both. I can’t wait for book 2 Vlad. I can’t wait to read more of her work. I am patiently waiting for the second book of these series.

I loved the whole new twist on the vampires in Veiled and can’t wait to read more about them. Vincenza is a very strong girl considering what she has been through and living in a vampire world. I love this new vampire world that the author has created. I just loved Vincenza with all her witty come backs.

Pick up your copy of Veiled and find out more about Vincenza and the new twist on vampires and their world.

The Culling

The Culling - Ramona Finn Glade Io was taken from her home at a young age to be trained as an assassin. Glade’s job is to cull out people that have murderous or violent tendencies to help make the world a better place to live.

When Glade is kidnapped by group of people that is known as the Ferryman she soon learns that everything she has been taught and raised to believe by The Authority may be a lie. After being kidnapped Glade starts to question her whole life and The Authority. Glade has to be very careful in her investigation of The Authority as it could cost her, her family.

You know you would think that I would get tired of reading Dystopian novels after a while but I don’t think I could ever get tired of this genre. Each book is unique its own way and each and every author adds their own distinct touch to each novel just a little something that makes them all different in some way or other. I love the world building in dystopian novels.

It bugged me to no end as to why Glade didn’t question The Authority more than she did. Why didn’t she trust them less? I mean for the things that The Authority did to her but on the other hand I guess she trusted them and believed in them for the things that The Authority put her through. I guess if they did to me what they did to her I would believe in them too. I am not saying that she didn’t question what they taught her to believe because she did.

Glade is one tough cookie to have lived through what The Authority put her through and come out with her mind still intact. Most of the characters were really great people but there were a few that I didn’t care for very much and some I think are probably good but are sort of brain washed and just need a little help. But there are some that you could probably never help or change their ways. Some people are always going to be out for number one.

I really enjoyed reading The Culling and it will stay with me for a long time to come. The Culling is a fast read but it is one that you want to take your time with and absorb all that you can. I couldn’t believe that ending it just blew me away I was like no, no, no way. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

The Dark Intercept

The Dark Intercept - Julia Keller Violet Crowley is the sixteen year old daughter of the President of New Earth. Many years ago her father founded New Earth as Old Earth was being destroyed by the people and the crime rate was just getting worse and worse.

After creating New Earth Violet’s father came by the knowledge that someone had invented what they called the Intercept. The Intercept was a program that allowed the government to take everyone’s emotions and use them to control crime and to control the people if they needed too.

Violet really didn’t like that someone knew about and recorded all of her emotions but it is all she knows. But she is starting to wake and start asking questions about the Intercept.

A guy that she works with and is in love with Danny has something that he is hiding and Violet wants to know what he is hiding. When she tries to ask Danny about what he is up to he won’t tell her all he ever says is trust me. The not knowing bugs Violet so bad that she decides to investigate what Danny is up to and just may get herself in a whole heap of trouble.

When I read the summary for The Dark Intercept I knew I had to read it. A device that can monitor, record and provoke people’s emotions I had to know how that was possible and how it worked. I really, really love dystopian books and couldn’t wait to read this one. I loved the whole idea of the intercept but I would not like someone having any kind of control over me like that or could actually do something like that to someone. But I did enjoy the story very much.

I really liked Violet she seemed like someone with a lot of compassion for others. I connected with Violet on more levels than one. I could relate to how she felt and how she handled certain things.

I would recommend The Dark Intercept to anyone who likes a good dystopian/science fiction story. The idea or concept of the story is brilliant and I can’t wait to read more about Violet and Danny’s adventures in the next book.

The Stark Divide

The Stark Divide - J. Scott Coatsworth Three people, two men, Jackson Hammon, Colin McAvery and a woman, Dr. Anastasia Anatov are sent out into the universe on ship called the Dressler or Lex for short, a living ship to find a place to build a new Earth on as the people are destroying the old Earth.

Over the years more and more people come to live and help to create this new Earth that is called Forever. Dr. Anatov returns after many years on Earth hoping to get some closure or maybe to set things right for what happened all those years ago on the asteroid before it became Forever. She needs to somehow make amends for what happened on the ship.

The world building in The Stark Divide was astronomical it sort of reminded me of Star Trek in some ways. I liked that the ship Lex has a mind of her own and was a living thing. The description of the ship and the new world was so amazing. The author made you fill as if you were there looking around in the universe and seeing it all up close.

If you like stories like Star Trek then I think you will love The Stark Divide. I would recommend The Stark Divide to all science fiction fans.

Reign Of The Wolf

Reign Of The Wolf - Dianna Hardy WOW our little storm-wielder and her wolves’ epic journey has come to an end in Reign Of The Wolf in the finally of the Eye Of The Storm series. I have really enjoyed embarking on this wonderful journey with Lydia from the beginning in Releasing The Wolf when she found out she was a wolf, a storm wielder and meeting her three mates Lawrence, Ryan and Taylor.

In the last leg of our journey Lydia, Lawrence, Ryan and Taylor are all trying to come up with a way to put a stop to the Trident’s impending doom of bringing war upon the wolves and taking over the world.

For all of us that started out with Lydia on her journey in Releasing The Wolf it has been like five years in the making but in reality for Lydia, Ryan, Lawrence and Taylor it has only been like four months (am I right?). Yeah, Dianna made us wait a long time between each book but it was every bit worth the wait and never took long to read from the first word to the last in each book.

All of the books are fast reads and will keep you flipping and flipping and flipping those pages but I think it was somewhat different with Reign Of The Wolf with knowing it was the last of the line. One minute I would be burning those pages flipping and flipping and then the next I would be like no, no, no because I knew it was the last book and I didn’t want to see it end. I would have to lay it down and think and ponder over the story so far and try to figure out what and why they were doing the things they were doing at certain times in the story.

Lydia is a very strong and independent person who will go all out to protect and keep what is hers but she doesn’t do it in a selfish way. While Selena is a different matter she will also go all out to keep what she thinks is hers but she does it in a selfish way. In a way Selena is right with believing that Lydia took her mate as she did have three but no one can help who their mate is. So in actual reality Lydia did not take her mate. In the last book Rise Of The Wolf I didn’t like Selena very well and thought she was wrong for what she did. But in the last leg of their journey I think I have changed my mind about her. Now don’t get me wrong I still don’t approve of what she did but in Reign Of The Wolf I think she was a very strong and smart girl to do and go through what she did with Gabriel and the way she handled everything.

Reign Of The Wolf has been an epic finally to the Eye Of The Storm series one in which I laughed and cried plus a whole lot more emotions and enjoyed tremendously and am so, so sad to see come to an end. I hope this is not the last that we see of these characters.

I would like to recommend the Eye Of The Storm series to anyone who loves werewolves and a good love story. Lydia, Ryan, Lawrence and Taylor have a great one to tell and so does Dianna. Dianna is one of the best writers ever. I have been reading her books for a long time and loved every minute of it. I reviewed Releasing The Wolf the first book in the Eye Of The Storm series a year after starting my blog. Oh and Dianna I still say that Ryan is so hot he will make your tongue come out and slap your brains out.

The Solitary Apocalypse

The Solitary Apocalypse - Jeff Haws A deadly virus hit the world and The Solitary Apocalypse is the story of a small town in North Georgia, Alessandra and its survivors.

After the virus hit and people starting getting sick and dying all Audrey wanted to do was protect her town and the people in it. So Audrey has the town doctor run some test on the virus and when she was given the results of how the virus was spread and found out that it was spread through touch she made it mandatory that everyone wear a steel ring around their waist when they were out in public to prevent the spread of the virus.

After his best friend was arrested and taken away for something he didn’t do Michael starts to doubt Audrey and how the virus is really spread. Are what Audrey and her brother Paul telling them the truth or is it all lies, lies that keep them in control of the people and the town? Michael enlists the help of his ex-wife, Stephanie, a doctor to help him find the truth about the virus which puts their lives in danger.

I really loved reading The Solitary Apocalypse and the world the author created. I always love reading apocalyptic stories about a virus or zombies taking over the world and I really loved this story and the wearing of the rings to keep people from coming in contact with each other. I don’t see how wearing a ring would stop people from being together but I guess if your life depends on it a human would do just about anything, especially if it could save the lives of the ones they love.

The Solitary Apocalypse is filled with lots and lots of twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to know more and not being able to put the book down for wanting to know what is around the next corner. A real page turner!

I would recommend The Solitary Apocalypse to anyone who loves reading apocalyptic books. I would like to know more about what is on the other side of that wall. How did the outside world or other people deal with the virus? What about the people of Alessandra’s families? What happened to them? Where are they now?

Of Dreams And Dragons

Of Dreams And Dragons - Karpov Kinrade Sky Knightly is just a young girl/woman who lost her mom a couple of years ago during childbirth. Sky has been taking care of her little sister Kara that was born on that eventful night as well as her two brothers Caleb and Kyle. Sky considers them her children. She takes care of them like they were her own. She works as a firefighter with her best friend Blake, he helps her with the children and she just barely scrapes by from one pay check to the next.

Sky loves the children very much so when Kara is taken away from her she will do whatever she must to get her back even if that means leaving with a stranger that claims he can help her. Sky must leave her home and the children to go to another world to train to be an Ashlord so that one day she can hopefully find her sister and baby Kara. You don’t have to give birth to be a mother.

Of Dreams And Dragons is filled with lots of action. Sky may not be a fighter yet but she can hold her own and will not back down and go running off leaving a friend hanging. For someone with no training she does pretty well in a fight. Besides she does have her magic or powers.

I have read most of if not all of Karpov Kinrade’s novels and loved them all so when I got the opportunity to read Of Dreams And Dragons I jumped in with both feet even though I wasn’t too sure about dragons.

I have not read that many dragon books so I didn’t know if I would like it or not. But you know what I am glad I gave the book a chance because I really loved reading about Sky and her babies. How she had to grow up quickly and was mature enough to take on three children and one being a newborn as well a step dad that didn’t treat her or the children very well and was mean to them that was part of the package so to speak.

I can’t wait to read more about Sky, Kara, Caleb, Kyle, Kadan and Blake. Where is Kara? Will Sky be able to save her? What will happen to Caleb and Kyle? Will Sky finally be able to learn who and what she truly is?

Do I recommend Of Dreams And Dragons? Oh yeah, you bet I do. If you like reading about dragons or even if you have never read about dragons before give it a try anyways I think you will like it.

Check out all of Karpov Kinrade’s other books as well.

Through the Never: a Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

Through the Never: a Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection - J.A. Culican, Brandon Barr, Lucia Ashta, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Frost Kay, R.L. Blalock, Debbie  Cassidy, Richard Amos, J.C. Kang, Craig Martelle, Sharolyn G. Brown, Tina Glasneck This time around I am giving a great big shout out to four of the authors from the Through the Never. R. L. Blalock, Craig Martelle, Debbie Cassidy & Richard Amos, Sharolyn G. Brown

The Fall of Endurance by R.L. Blalock

Laure is one of many traveling in space looking for new home to start a new life to keep humans from becoming extinct when they run into debris and have to land the ship quickly. Not to worry though they have the best pilot alive commanding the ship.

When they land on this new planet which they hope will be their new home they run into a lot more than they were hoping for.

Can they make this new planet their home? Will they be welcomed? Will they want to stay? Will they have a choice?

R. L. Blalock has knocked it out the ball park again. She has written another great story. While reading The Fall of Endurance you feel what the characters are feeling and see what they see. R. L. is one of those writers that can make you feel a connection to all the characters and the writer as well.

Sneak Peak:

“Critical system failure. All personnel, report to the bridge.”

“What happened?” I demanded, finally looking up at the woman who hovered over me. Her face was tight and her mouth set into a grim line.

“The ship needs to go planetside. Now.” All I could do was blink back at the woman as my mind tried to process what she had just told me.

Planetside? Had they finally found a planet?

The Outcast by Craig Martelle

As part of his punishment a prisoner is sent out in a spaceship to survey asteroids. All he has for companionship is the voice of the computer.

This one a very good short one which I enjoyed more than I thought I would in the beginning. The ending was out of this world. I never saw it coming.

Sneak Peak:

The pilot’s seat also served as the dining chair, the bed, the couch, or whatever Benny needed it for. He lived and worked within thirty-four square feet.

His entire world was contained in that small space.

Across the Starlight Blue by Debbie Cassidy and Richard Amos

A spaceship traveling through space looking for a new home is hit by debris and has to land quickly. After taking the shuttles to their new planet they are attacked by these alien bird like creatures upon entering the planet’s atmosphere. Will they survive the attack? Can they make this new planet their home? Or have they traveled all this way for nothing?

I really liked getting inside Becca’s head when she was first introduced the alien bird like creatures. This was a wonderful little short which I really enjoyed reading.

Sneak Peak:

Sixty years he’d been monitoring this ship while they slept, which was another reason making him too human was a bad idea. A human would probably have gone insane alone on a spaceship for sixty years.

Rodan’s Awakening by Sharolyn G. Brown

A young girl’s home is attacked and her whole family is lost. Rodan embarks on a journey to find the ones who attacked her home and make them pay.

Sneak Peak:

“We cannot go into the encampment. They are under attack. We need to go and call for help. The factions need to know we need help.”

“There is no time. We need to go and help our people fight. My parents are there. Your parents are there.”

“I know my parents are there,” Rodan snapped. “But you and I are not fighters. We need to call for assistance.” Rodan walked away from their encampment and toward the comm center.

Monsters & Angels

Monsters & Angels - Anne Marie Andrus Sorcha Alden graduates top of her class from a school in New York. Sorcha is finally able to full fill her dream of following in her mother’s footsteps as a nurse. When Sorcha’s mother passes away unexpectedly she decides to take a job in New Orleans working with nuns and a doctor that only does the night shift.

Sorcha loves her new job and her new friends then she gets the opportunity to go work in Nepal. Once in Nepal Sorcha is attacked by a rare breed of vampires and left for dead but she is saved by the good doctor.

Back in New Orleans she lives the life of luxury with her new family but she misses Vyr the doctor she met in Nepal and fell in love with when she was still human. Sorcha has had to leave her old life behind and all her friends.

Sorcha has three males and a female that want to share her bed. One she wants no part of and she tells him straight up how it is. And the other one is her maker he knows how she feels about him and that she is in love with Vyr and he understands this and tries to help her be with Vyr as much as possible.

Sorcha has to stay in hiding most of the time or at the least have someone with her at all times as there are vampires that are looking for her and want her dead. But Sorcha being the feisty person that she is takes more chances than she should and gets herself into a lot of trouble on more than one occasion. Sorcha is strong willed and likes to do as she pleases no matter what the cost may be in the end.

If you like to read about vampires then let me suggest that you give Monsters & Angels a try you will love it. Come follow Sorcha on her journey from New York to Nepal to New Orleans and becoming a vampire somewhere in between.

Descent Into Darkness

Descent Into Darkness - Tony Urban, Patrick  Logan, Shayne Rutherford, G.M. Sherwin, Max Lockwood, Delia Rai, E.E. Isherwood, R.L. Blalock, Steve Vernon, Sylvester Barzey, Paul B. Kohler, Amanda Luzzader, David J. Schmidt, Rachel McClellan, C.A. Verstraete, Joe Jackson, Brian J.W. Lee, Cindy  Ca This time around I am giving a great big shout out to four of the authors from the Descent Into Darkness. R. L. Blalock, Tony Urban, Max Lockwood, Patrick Logan

Mark of Perdition by R.L. Blalock

Reads like a full length novel. You don't feel cheated. You don't feel as if there are holes in the story. It keeps you hanging on wanting to know what is going to happen next. Why is Cas going through all of this? Is it all for real? Is she losing her mind? Is it all a nightmare real or imagined? I feel what Cas feels in the heat of the moment. R.L. makes you feel just what her characters are feeling and you get lost in the moment sort of to speak.

Sneak Peak:

The flow of the food over her taste buds brought back a flood of memories. Her parents had always insisted that dinner be eaten at the dining room table. It wasn’t until she had moved out on her own that she had realized how much she enjoyed the family meals. Everyone would gather around the table and her parents would inquire about school and their day. Usually the conversation followed these mediocre happenings of the day. As ordinary and uninteresting as these conversations were, it kept them connected.

Baba by Tony Urban

Three teenagers Phil, Kenny and Mo take off on a trip in the mountains looking for a woman’s body that Phil witnessed being murder while on a hunting trip with his father.

I really enjoyed reading this little short as it reminded me of Stephen King’s story written as “The Body” but the movie was called “Stand by Me”. I have seen where Tony’s stories have been compared to Stephen King before in his series Life of the Dead. I can’t wait to read more of Tony’s work as I do have all three of the Life of the Dead novels.

Sneak Peak:

“I asked my Grampa about this place last night.”

“You didn't tell him?” Phil asked and I could hear the alarm in his voice.

“No. Of course not. I didn't tell him what you saw, just asked if he knew anything about the mountain. Pop told me that when he was a kid the carnival used to set up on the farm. And he said a couple girls went missing and were later found dead.”

“Your grandfathers really old, right?” Phil asked.

“Seventy-five. Or six.”

“And this was when he was young?”

I nodded.

“So, there's a hundred-year-old killer gypsy out here? That's what you're thinking?”

Zombie Apocalypse by Max Lockwood

Sergio and Carl are in the military. They were on deployment when the zombie outbreak occurred. Sergio and Carl are staying with Carl’s sister Pip when the zombies show up. Pip is having a home coming party for her brother Carl. A friend of Pip’s Jennifer is at the party and Carl and Pip kind of sort hit it off.

I love the world that the author created for the zombies and all the characters too. I loved following along with Carl, Sergio, Pip and Jennifer as they fought off the zombies.

Sneak Peak:

On his back, he crab walked toward the door as he kicked the zombie back. He knew he was done for. Just as it was about to descend upon him, Carl heard a whoosh of air as a long blade flew over his head and sliced cleanly into the zombie’s neck.

The decaying head toppled onto the ground in front of him and he nudged it away with his foot.

“What—” Carl panted, trying to make sense of what just happened.

He spun around to see Jennifer holding some type of sword.

Lock and Key by Patrick Logan

Three guys Tony, Robbie and Charles break into a house while the couple is at home and in bed. They get more than they bargain for upon entering the home. Monsters under the bed, anyone? Or are the under the bed?

These three guys really cracked me up. They did some pretty dump things if you ask me, that is, if they have plans to leave the people alive. Reminded me of that tv show called Dumbest Criminals or something like that.

Sneak Peak:

“Fuck, let’s just get out of here,” Tony said, suddenly struck by a strange sense of fear. “We’ve got the cash, and Charles is making a fucking racket down there. Let’s just go before the cops come, Robbie. If my parole—”

“Shut the fuck up, Tony!”

Tony’s eyes widened.

“Don’t use my name!” he hissed.

Entromancy (Nightpath Trilogy #1)

Entromancy (Nightpath Trilogy #1) - M.S. Farzan A group of misfits team up to save the world. The misfits have their own special magical abilities. They become a team when an agent of NIGHT, Eskander Aradowsi comes into their presents for the first time and everywhere Eskander ends up someone is shooting at him and whoever just happens to be as they say in the wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing. So his fight kind of becomes their fight I other words.

Entromancy or should I say Eskander takes us on a wild ride through the city fighting to just stay alive. Entromancy is filled with lots of fighting not only with hand to hand but with magic, and ceridium assault rifles with unlimited ammo as well. I really liked this ceridium, it would be an amazing thing to have with all the things you can make from it. So cool.

I liked the ragers they reminded me of zombies. Ragers are people that are infected with the rage plague; they are fast and will tear someone a part within seconds. So if you come in contact with them you better run and hope you make it out alive. They are fast and furious.

Entromancy has been an amazing journey on in which I think I would like to take again in the next book of the Nightpath Trilogy. The world building is out of this world no pun intended. If you like a lot of action, fighting and guns a blazing then you are going to fall in love with this series.

Branded by Fire: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series (Blood & Magic Book 4)

Branded by Fire: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series (Blood & Magic Book 4) - Danielle Annett I just love this series Blood & Magic and I when I saw that book 4 was available for review I jumped in with both feet. I have loved this series from the first book Cursed by Fire and all the characters as well. But I think that Branded by Fire is by far my favorite.

Aria has come a long way since the first book but she is still trying to get a control on her powers and now she has more power than one person should have and it just may be too much for her. But with her growing feelings Declan may just be the only thing that can keep her grounded and in control of her powers if not then she could level a city.

Aria is still trying to deal with being mated to the Northwest Pacific Pack leader Declan Valkenaar. But he is growing on her in more ways than she cares to admit. I think old Declan is sort of growing on me as well. I didn’t like that Declan was the one to bond with Aria to save her life in book 2 Kissed by Fire. No I wanted it to be James, Aria’s best friend and I think James wanted it to be him as well.

I love this world of Blood & Magic with the kick a** witch with all that power and more male attendees than she would like. Branded by Fire is filled with lots of fighting and the use of magical powers that is unbelievable. I can’t wait for more adventures with Aria to see her use her powers and what all she can do. I also can’t wait to see how Aria and Declan’s relationship develops and how the Pack and Aria interacts with each other and how she is going to deal with all that babysitting that Declan and the Pack puts on her. What mysteries will Aria get us into to next?

I would recommend Branded by Fire and the whole Blood & Magic series to anyone who loves a good magical book that is filled with lots of goodness and powerful magical fighting with the help of shifters. We have tigers and bears and foxes and a whole lot more. Come join in on all the fighting. Be sure and pick up your copies of all the books in the series to enjoy this wonderful, amazing journey. I would suggest that you start with Cursed by Fire book 1, then book 2 Kissed by Fire and then book 3 Burned by Fire before starting book 4 Branded by Fire as I know you want to know Aria’s story from the beginning.